Psychic Readings Include Extra Sensual Perceptions and Cunning Clairvoyance!

Readings are available by phone. For in person readings, please leave a message stating you'd like to book an appointment.

With each correct answer I give you, I will remove one article of clothing. This added bonus is absolutely free to you, although tips are always welcome… wherever you’d like to place them.

The Big Reveal (1 hour reading)

This is the perfect reading for when you need someone to make it rain… and how! The Big Reveal Reading takes one hour and is separated into three parts:

The Opening: I begin with a bit of a tease, where I tell you some things that I’d have no other way of knowing.

The Peel: Next, I strip away the psychic blocks that are holding you back from realizing your true desires. Using my erogenous zones as a divining tool, I channel messages from spirit just for you!

The Big Reveal: You’ll be astonished when all of the psychic probing we’ve done together comes together in an earth-shattering climax of personal insight.

The Peep Show (30 minute reading)

Sometimes you don’t need the Full Monty – just a little peep into the future does the trick! I will answer up of to six burning questions. The following are examples of the questions I am most often asked: Does s/he love me? Will I get that new job or big promotion? How can I feel better? Will I get married/divorced? Where did I leave my favorite pasties?

Titillation in Tarot (TIT™) Reading

The Tarot is an excellent tool to tap into today’s vibrations and see how far they will take you into the future. For my TIT™ Reading, I harness the ultimate energetic force – human sexuality – drawing from several of my favorite erotic Tarot decks and set to the strains of classic striptease music. Whether you pull swords or wands, cups, or something that swings both ways (pentacles, of course!), this reading will ignite your desire, present you with options to straddle, and swing you toward living life to its fullest.